Yasuyuki Shimizu

D. Eng., 1991, Hokkaido University

Area of interests

Professor Yasuyuki Shimizu is a leading scientist in the field of computational modeling of river flow and morphology. His main area of interest is computational fluid dynamics and sediment transport and has been working in this field for more than two decades. Most numerical models being employed by HRL group has been developed by him.

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Associated Professor

Ichiro Kimura

D. Eng., 1997, Kyoto University

Area of interests

Associate professor Ichiro Kimura is an expert on computational modeling of turbulent open channel flows. He developed 2nd and 3rd order non-linear RANS models for 2D and 3D flow fields and applied them to various flow phenomena. He also worked on development of an advanced depth-averaged shallow flow models with effects of secondary currents as well as an-isotropy of turbulence. In the field of river morphology, he has experiences in both computational and experimental works. He worked as a faculty member in Wakayama National College of Technology, Yokkaichi University and Matsue National College of Technology before he became the associate professor in Hokkaido University.



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